Year 1

Our line-up for 2013-14

Week 1 (21st-27th Oct) alldolledup
Week 2 (28th-3rd Nov) Shakes2Go
Week 3 (4th-10th Nov) Pobbington
Week 4 (11th-17th Nov) GlosCol
Week 5 (18th-24th Nov) LilliputConcerts
Week 6 (25th-1st Dec) CheltenhamUnder
Week 7 (2nd-8th Dec) Vince Freeman
Week 8 (9th-15th Dec) Pate’s Grammar School
Week 9 (16th-22nd Dec) Kim Cypher
Week 10 (23rd-29th Dec) Philip Smith
Week 11 (30th-5th Jan) Babel Babies
Week 12 (6th-12th Jan) Zumba Natalie
Week 13 (13th-19th Jan) GlosWhatsOn
Week 14 (20th-26th Jan) See All Media
Week 15 (27th-2nd Feb) Click Innovation
Week 16 (3rd-9th Feb) Roberta Smart
Week 17 (10th-16th Feb) Gloucestershire Constabulary
Week 18 (17th-23rd Feb) Edd Donavon & The Wandering Moles
Week 19 (24th-2nd March) All Saints Academy
Week 20 (3rd-9th March) Jonathan Pollinger
Week 21 (10th-16th March) Ellenborough Park
Week 22 (17th-23rd March) Design Festival
Week 23 (24th-30th March) Ola Samba
Week 24 (31st-6th April) Square Banana
Week 25 (7th- 13th April) Martin Horwood
Week 26 (14th-20th April) Verite Louise
Week 27 (21st-27th April) Max Wilkinson
Week 28 (28th-4th May) Clare Holland Opticians
Week 29 (5th-11th May) Balcarras School
Week 30 (12th-18th May) Glos Girl Guiding
Week 31 (19th-25th May) Vanilla Pod Bakery
Week 32 (26th-1st June) Thrill Collins
Week 33 (2nd-8th June) GAVCA Glos
Week 34 (9th-15th June) CharltonKingsCC
Week 35 (16th-22nd June) Art Playground
Week 36 (23rd-29th June) EastGlos Club
Week 37 (30th-6th July) Scrapstore Glos
Week 38 (7th-13th July) Contemporary Cake Designs
Week 39 (14th-20th July) Silver Ball PR
Week 40 (21st-27th July) Chedworth Roman Villa
Week 41 (28th-3rd Aug) Chelt Animal Shelter
Week 42 (4th- 10th Aug) CTFC Ladies
Week 43 (11th-17th Aug) Compass Holidays
Week 44 (18th-24th Aug) Rob Hopkins
Week 45 (25th-31st Aug) APT Marketing
Week 46 (1st-7th Sept) James Clay
Week 47 (8th-14th Sept) Cheltenham YMCA
Week 48 (15th-21st Sept) Holistic Health Centre
Week 49 (22nd-28th Sept) Tracey Colbert-Smith
Week 50 (29th-5th Oct) Kushi Cars
Week 51 (6th-12th Oct) Leapfrog PR
Week 52 (13th – 19th Oct) Liam and Sophie